Effective And Consistent Quality Control

Unlike any other yard in the area, we are SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) certified. This requires us to adhere to the programs quality control guidelines on all of our projects, where as QC at the other boatyards is all visual. While one of the simplest maintenance habits, keeping good bottom paint on your boat is one of the most important as well, and from dinghy's to Coast Guard Cutters, they all need it.

  • Hard, Ablative, Vinyl, Epoxy and Ceramic Underwater Body Coatings
  • Roll

  • Spray

  • Burnish

We provide a streamlined process that adheres to strict manufacturer guidelines for wet film thickness and drying times. Our bottom crew is efficient and carries a high attention to detail so that you have confidence in your paint below the water line. We are dedicated to the environmentally conscious removal and application of your underwater body coating through dust collecting sanding practices, clean work areas, and on site protection.

Bottom Paint Packages Include:

  • Haul, Pressure Wash, and Set

  • OSHA Approved Disposal of Growth

  • Tape Waterline

  • Mechanical Abrasion of Surface

  • Spray or Roll Application

  • Wet Film Thickness Measurement

  • Optional Bottom Gear Cleaning and Zinc Replacement

Other Underwater Body Services

  • Keel, Rudder, and Blister Repair

  • Structural Repair

  • Fiberglass and Gel Coat Repair

  • Epoxy Barrier Coating

  • New Vessel Commissioning

  • Thru Hulls and Underwater Gear

  • Stabilization, Bow and Stern Thruster Installation and Service